Remember the days when our food preferences didn't matter to anyone but ourselves? 
Haha yeah, neither can I.
We all know who I'm talking about here: vegans.

What does it mean to be a vegan? Well, they don't eat meat. Or dairy. Or anything that has to do with animals. They love animals. So much that if you even eat anything that has even touched an animal, well you're a heartless and horrible murderer. That pretty much sums up what vegans think of us meat eaters. 

I'm not talking about all vegans (there are good ones out there!) just the preachers. The ones who nearly bust a poo poo valve if they don't tell every single person they meet and if you don't agree with them, well you're just an asshole. The ones who don't think we should have an opinion and use words like "close minded" "vegan message" & "ignorant".

Gone are the days when spreading a message to the world meant coming and knocking on your door with a bible in hand, now they can share countless videos of cows being castrated or baby lambs being slaughtered right in your very home. It's on your phone, it's on your computer and they won't stop. Ever. Sometimes I wish that they'd get so annoyed with the rest of the normal world that they'd all form a group, purchase an island (because being a vegan is fucking expensive) and then move there and they can all talk about the vegan lifestyle to each other and discuss how the rest of us are all dipshits.

As a meat eater, I don't preach to vegans that they should eat meat. I don't taunt them by face palming a big beefy burger in their face (although it would be funny), I just let them get on with their lives and can show complete understanding as to why they have chosen that lifestyle. I actually LOVE vegan treats, felafels, hummus and various other vegan foods, but I still eat meat too. I don't like seeing baby cows killed, but that's why I don't sit there and watch the videos that they share. I get on with my life and just eat food. Simple. 

Oh and guess what, being a vegan doesn't mean you're healthier than the rest of us. If you went to an old peoples home, I can guarantee they wouldn't be serving a bloody vegan roast Sunday dinner would they? Those people living there are super old and they've eaten meat through their lives, and if you asked them what a vegan was they wouldn't know what the fuck you were talking about so we're all gonna live as long as each other. Meat will not be the reason we all get cancer, diabetes and aids. FFS.

For those of you who don't push your vegan beliefs on the rest of us, THANK YOU. Your humble and respectful nature is appreciated by all of us. 

If you're one of the preachers, you probably shouldn't have read this because I've just taken the absolute piss out of you for annoying the absolute shit out of me. These words had to be said.

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