As busy mothers, we sometimes struggle to get meals organised and fit in that workout before the day ends and the kids are in bed, and by the time that happens we're too knackered to think for ourselves and opt for toast and the couch. Well, I discovered an awesome resource that will come in handy for many of you... Welcome to Voome!

When I was approached by Voome to give their program a red hot go, I soon discovered that it was the answer to a lot of questions that I get asked by you on a daily basis.
"What type of workouts do you do?"
"Can I workout from home?"
"What are some healthy recipes for my family?"
"How do you plan your meals?"
And the list goes on!

What is Voome? It is a website that combines healthy recipes, meal planning and workouts that can be done from your home through to the gym! Created by the incredibly knowledgeable team behind the Michelle Bridges 12WBT, it doesn't just give you recipes and workouts, it also gives you the nutritional benefits of certain foods and benefits behind exercise! It's pretty much like your own personal nutrition expert and trainer, which you can try for free for one week here! From there it’s just $6.99 a week, which is like 2 latte’s...or if you’re me and extra strong almond coffee is life, then just one!

Let's start with exercise. Whether you're at home or at the gym, sometimes it can be daunting not knowing what type of workout to do because you don't know too much about it. Voome has a variety of at home and gym workouts that you can go at your own pace! They're broken down into easy steps so they're easy to follow, and even include stretches at the end and for new mummas, it helps you focus on your pelvic floor - YES! We all know that if we take care of our pelvic floor muscles from an early on stage, we're less likely to wet our pants in the future. True fact. 

Food. It can be the biggest pain the bum to scramble our selves to get dinner cooked at the end of the day. I'm not even a new mum and still find myself eating toast after cooking the kids a chef hat worthy gourmet meal for their dinner and afterwards I'm too buggered to make something for myself. Well, meal planning is the prevention of toast dinners. 

Voome has an easy to use meal planner that you can either make up yourself, or you can use the already provided plans that they've created for you (obviously with a nutritionists help!). Planning your week of healthy meals before heading off to the supermarket can not only help you and your family healthier, it will also save you MONEY! The amount of times I've headed off to Woollies without a list and come back with so much unnecessary crap is laughable. 

Voome meal planners cover a number of different lifestyle needs from freezable meals to diabetic specific food options to help you plan effectively and easily in advance. Get a sneak peek of their children’s meal planner here, a life saver at dinner times to stop the tears and tantrums!

As parents, we don't always ask for help when we need it, so having such a convenient and effective resource answers all of our prayers. It saves time, money and gets you back into living that healthy and balanced lifestyle that you know that you deserve to live!

Head to Voome to organise your health and fitness today! And don't forget you can trial the first week for free!

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