Since moving to Queensland in '01, the Pattersons (yes, I actually have a surname and it's not Kate!) have always loved Hog's Australia Steakhouse for their family gathering dinners, and for Madi and Max's joint birthday dinner, it was no different. We're a small family from the country who enjoy the simpler things in life, such as steak and chips.               

Meet The Pattersons:  

When we were invited by Hog’s Australia Steakhouse to pop in for dinner, being one to never knock back food in general, it was the perfect place to celebrate the kids birthdays while my Dad was in town (he’s a FIFO worker and is hardly ever home these days!). It’s not often that all of our schedules match up, so to get everyone in the same room for dinner was pretty awesome. What’s even better is that we got it all on video to remember Madi and Max’s first joint birthday which was great because Madi is a complete camera hog and was loving it. Golden memories, a good feed and good times.

I’m lucky enough to have had the kids three years and one week apart, so inevitably their birthdays will be a week apart every single year (duh Fred) and I can join their birthday dinners together (YES!!!). Madi was turning the big OH FOUR and Max turned the big OH ONE. These days taking them out to dinner means purchasing two kids meals because Max can outeat a grown man. However since becoming a mum, if I’m going to take the kids out to dinner, I like to keep our meals as healthy as possible, sometimes going out for dinner makes that a bit difficult, but thanks to Hog’s Australia Steakhouse new Trim-A-Licious menu, you can trim the fat and chill the eff out, because there are a new range lower calorie meals on their menu! 

What makes the Trim-alicious menu different to the rest? Well, they’re lower calorie options of your favourite menu items! There’s no compromise on taste, just fewer calories – winning! Take my steak for example which is normally 821 calories with salad and fries, compared to the Trim-a-licious version which is 521 calories! It certainly makes a difference when you’re invited to dinner and trying to keep an eye on that intake of yours! I’m definitely not partial to curly hog fries, however the salad was an absolute winner and it’s my new favourite.

Max isn’t one to sit still for too long, so when he decided that it was time for him to go for a lap around the restaurant, he was lucky that I had inhaled my dinner. He made sure that everyone who was in the restaurant got a good look of him (because c’mon, he’s bloody cute) and proved to us that he has fully nailed his new found walking skills. That was until the Hog visited our table, Max shit himself, started to cry and found that his walking skills exceed walking and turned into running. Madi however nearly tackled the poor bloody Hog to the ground, instantly wanted to play and thought the Hog would remember her from the footy game she’d first met him at the weekend before. This is while Max continued to cry and stare at the Hog of course. 

Of course, nothing ends a birthday dinner better than a giant group of strangers singing happy birthday served with ice-cream. 

Max wasn’t having it, so Poppy was on mum duties while I sat back and had a cold beer.

A little bit of ‘hogspitality’doesn’t go astray, and in this case it was the type of night that the Patterson clan walked away from pretty bloody happy. It’s not often that a restaurant can offer you a good (and HEALTHY) feed, a great atmosphere and leave you with the shared feed back of “holy crap, that was awesome!”. This is exactly why we choose Hog’s for our family dinners.

You can check out their new Trim-a-licious on the Hog’s Australia Steakhouse website!

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