In the health and fitness industry (or ANY industry for that matter), you can always learn so much from others. Continuous learning is part of the process and we never stop learning! Sometimes I am asked questions that I don't necessarily feel confident answering, purely because I haven't been in the industry for that long.

Last week, I introduced you guys to Voome , which you can read all about here . On the Voome website, you have access to expert tips and advice which is just one of the many reasons why I love it. This is why I am introducing Tim. He is the in house fitness and nutrition expert for Voome.

Tim has been in the health and fitness industry for over 21 years and has worked in both Sydney and London. His knowledge and experience is incredible, but what I find even more awesome is that he is a father of 2 daughters... with ONE MORE on the way. Luckily he knows his stuff when it comes to health and nutrition, because I can only imagine that he'd need copious amounts of energy to keep up with his everyday life.

I recently sat down with Tim to ask him a few questions around fitness and nutrition that I thought would really benefit all of you busy mums out there.

1. What do you eat before and after a workout?
Before: If it’s an early morning/pre-breakfast workout I find most people function fine from a glass of water, particularly if it is a cardio-based workout. If your blood sugars drop during a workout to the point where you feel weak and lethargic I find a banana around 30 minutes before the workout works well.
Afterwards: Cardio - If weight loss is your goal then the fats, in the form of free fatty acids, released during the workout (more so with cardio) will naturally suppress your appetite for around 30-45 minutes, in which case just drink water.
After that a whole food meal with the right portions of carbs, fats and proteins keeps me physically satisfied and mentally sharp for 3-4 hours without any cravings for caffeine or sugar. For me a whole food meal is: all-organic spelt toast with grass-fed butter, avocado, soft-boiled egg, nitrate-free ham topped with baby spinach – it tastes even better than it sounds!
Strength training - If you’ve done a brutal weight training session and you want to transport protein straight into the muscle cells this is when whey protein shakes are most beneficial. However, in most cases a glass of organic milk blended up with some raw nuts and a couple of berries will be just as good. This natural shake also has the added benefits of whole food nutrients including youth-enhancing antioxidants!

2. Will you reach your health & fitness goals sooner by stacking your workouts?
Fitness goals, definitely. Stacking a solid cardio, weights and flexibility workout into the one session will get you to your fitness goals faster than doing one on each day.
Health - If your adrenals are exhausted from 6 months of broken sleep from waking up to your bub, then stacking your workouts or training extremely hard can potentially wear your hormones and body out. This often leads to adrenal fatigue and a whole host health issues.
My advice is to listen to your body every single day and do what is says, whether it’s a Personal Best in burpees or just a full body stretch. You know you nailed it because you will feel better immediately after and for the rest of the day!

3. Do you believe in 'superfoods' or is it just a gimmick?
I believe in nutrient-dense foods such as kale, salmon and seaweed, in fact any coloured food that shines brightly without the need of chemical intervention is a superfood in my book. Think rich red beets, luscious greens such as English Spinach or deep purple found in blueberries. These foods from Mother Nature all deliver a huge amount of nutrients and phyto-nutrients.
As often as possible make your diet a colourful rainbow and you will become a Super human – No B.S!

4. What do you believe is a realistic ratio when it comes to exercise:nutrition?
I believe most people need to work on their nutrition more as the general quality of food is way lower than it was 60 years ago in the pre-chemicals and processed food era.When your nutrition is right you don’t have to motivate yourself (as much) to train because a vibrant body feels like moving, as it’s not weighed down by crappy foods or recovering from sugar crashes.
In short – 80:20, nutrition being the 80.

5. Is it more effective to train in the morning or afternoon?
This is a very individual question. Some studies have found that men train better in the morning, as this is when they use to hunt the wooly mammoth.
Women have been found to do the same workout in the afternoon with a lower heart rate, this means training in the afternoon would be more effective.
My advice, do the test yourself – do the exact same workout 2 days apart. One in the AM and the second in the PM, see how you feel and if possible measure your heart rate and/or weight lifted and there’s your answer!

Check out the Voome blog  for more great tips and tricks like these from Tim. And don’t forget - you can sign up for a one week free trial of Voome , which gives you access to all their yummy recipes and killer workouts!

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