After dealing with the exhaustion that anxiety causes for many years, I have come along some golden nuggets that I seem to be reminding myself of on a very consistent basis. I've only just begun to really grasp what anxiety really is over the last year, what it does, why it does it and there are a few daily habits that we can tweak to really try to decrease the effects that is has on us not just emotionally, but mentally and physically.

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This is a little bit different to my usual blogs, because it's a bit more on the serious side. You won't find the word 'fuck' once, because when I'm being spiritual, it's like this inner peace shines out of me and my potty mouth disappears, which doesn't happen all too often. But then again, I guess the word 'fuck' is in here, because now it's here twice. Oops. ANYWAY.

Now I don't know about you, but when I am at my worst, I get headaches, I am ditzy, short of breath and my focus is completely out of whack. I tend to be very quiet, I tremble and more often than not, when someone asks if I'm OK, I burst into tears. I can wake up with these types of symptoms on a daily basis, and depending on what I do throughout the day, they'll either escalate or disappear.

Once upon a time I would stay inside my home, hide from the world and do absolutely nothing to help myself. I would give into my anxiety and let it do its thing. Now sometimes it's good to rest, but if it isn't helping you decrease the symptoms of anxiety, it's best to really start to narrow down what are the best ways to help you cope.

I have tried many things. From drinking wine to sleeping, exercising to mediating and then anything from essential oils through to floating. I tell you what, that first glass of wine might make you feel super chill and relaxed, but all it's doing is masking the effects of the adrenaline running through your system, so I'm not gonna put my hand up to say that it's a great way of dealing with anxiety. However, here are the things that have really helped and are some of my strategies:

  • Meditating (5 minutes, 10 minutes - whatever you can spare, download an app and try it. Deep breaths, timed breaths and thought acknowledgement are powerful tools of the mind)

  • Essential Oils (I have a diffuser at home and also roll ons that I carry around with me. I recently spoke at a fitness expo and was beside the stage before my talk rubbing them on like a mad woman to ease my anxiety levels - I probably looked batshit cray)

  • Self Talk / Affirmations (tell yourself - I know it's not this bad, why am I feeling this way? Generally if you acknowledge your state of mind and the way you're feeling, you'll start to make sense of what's going on in that head of yours. Tell yourself that YOU'RE IN CONTROL)

  • Cuddles (no shit, a gigantic bear hug from someone you care about changes lives)

  • Get Outside (go for walk, tune out and get some fresh air and vitamin D. Take deep breaths and soak up all that nature has to offer

  • Exercise (I was working out the other day and in the middle of a sweat induced state that while I was training, I didn't feel any effects of anxiety, just the focus of what I was doing - it was an incredible moment and afterwards it reduced me to tears because it reminded me of the reason why I became a trainer)

These are all things that I do the instant I recognise that I'm feeling anxious. Of course if these types are things are done on a daily and consistent basis, they can reduce the symptoms increasingly and by being self aware of your state of mind, you can begin to recognise what causes your anxiety, how to talk to yourself and most importantly, begin to practice mindfulness and self awareness. 

Another thing that I love to do on a daily basis, whether I'm driving or walking, working on my laptop or sitting at my desk at work, is listen to podcasts. I LOVE learning, and by continuously educating myself of ways to become more self aware, have a better understanding of mindfulness and our thought processes, it's helping me to become really conscious to the state of mind that I sometimes find myself in.

Namaste bitches.


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