I love sleep, it’s awesome. It’s that one time where you have no choice but to rest, switch off and dream away. I love sleep so much that it excites me after a big day, yet here I am writing this piece about sleep when I should probably be sleeping, but it’s OK because not long ago I began to take and trial Flordis ReDormin Forte which has recently become my saving grace.

As most of you know, I suffer from bouts of anxiety, however I am also very guilty of letting my brain go into overdrive and I’m pretty shocking at turning it off at night. With my job(s) I find that it fuels my anxiety because I am ALWAYS thinking of new things, new marketing, new everything… at bloody night time. 


Prior to beginning my new job, I was a fantastic sleeper. I was so good at it that I could’ve gone to the sleep Olympics, however as soon as I added some more responsibilities on my plate, my 8 hours of fantastic deep sleep soon turned into 2, at the most 3 hours of sleep at night. My children sleep right through so I have no one to blame except my own head. I get up at 3.30-3.45am, and at night I’ll hit the hay at about 9pm at the latest. My job requires me to be energetic, bubbly and a tad bit cray, so I need to have a good rest or my body just shits itself and then I get sick, or I have a breakdown.

Then came along Flordis ReDormin. I’ve been taking these for a few weeks now and I can safely say that my sleep patterns have improved really well. That being said, the first week I didn’t sleep a wink and I was thinking to myself, “Do these things really work?” so I spent one sleepless night up doing as much research as I could on this product and all I found was FANTASTIC reviews, so yes, I stuck it out and here we are, they bloody well work.

Factors such as anxiety, stress and tension (are you nodding your head to all of these like I am?) will really mess up your sleep. The point of sleep is to restore our body for the next day but if your insides are on overdrive, it’s so much harder to get a decent restoration happening in that body of yours! I don’t know about you, but if I go a few nights with awful sleep, I generally feel like crap and I hate the world and that just can’t happen.


Flordis ReDormin is a NATURAL sleep supplement. Yes, natural. It has all the goodness in there to ease you into a better nights sleep – YAY. Now remember, for these types of products you need to take them on a consistent basis. You won’t get magical results from one, two or maybe three nights, it does take a small amount of time (like I said for me, about 3 weeks) for them to kick in and work their magic!

So seeing as I have a father who suffers from ridiculous insomnia who gets up in the middle of the night, has a snack in his undies at the bench while he reads the newspaper (well that’s what he used to do when I lived at home, he’s a FIFO now so I imagine he couldn’t get away with it out there, haha) I need to do all I can to start looking after myself and my body so I can function on a daily basis. My life requires productivity, positivity and being on the ball because the kids don’t need a tired mum all the time, so if you’re just like me running on empty half the time yet are in overdrive of a night time, give this baby a go. Remember, consistency is the key, this isn’t a magical pill that the nurses give you at hospital when you’re in pain and need to be chilled out.

Read more about Flordis ReDormin on their website and maybe it's time you gave yourself a chance at a good nights sleep! When it comes to sleep, anything's worth a try!

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