Lately the urge to go on a holiday has been getting stronger by the day. For some reason half of my Facebook feed is in Bali and the constant photos of beaches, drinks by the pool and lazing in the sun has really started to make the idea of doing sweet FA in a gorgeous destination seem really bloody good.


This craving to go on a beach getaway has really started to itch at a really inconvenient time. I have just started my fitness business, it's nearing the end of the year and I seem to be so time poor that even going for a wee is becoming a luxury some days. My pelvic floor muscles are most definitely getting stronger by the day when I forget to do a quick wee between coaching classes and clients. How the hell I went from dreaming about a holiday to my current pelvic floor situation I will never know, it is Sunday and I am tangent central.

When planning a getaway, most people I know will opt for somewhere outside of Australia, but for me, I am much happier to find a gorgeous beach along the coastline that has a chilled out bar in the near vicinity. This may be due to the fact that I am one of two things:
1. Easily pleased
2. Still can't get a passport because of declaring bankruptcy 5 years ago
Either way, I still really enjoy the Australian coastline so much that I don't really feel the need to leave!

Lauren going out

I can drink as many cold beers on my balcony as I please (once the kids are shut eye of course) - but the Nundah scenery isn't the same as golden sand and breaking waves. Instead I hear planes, cars, a ridiculous amount of sirens and the two blokes upstairs who stomp around and sink piss all weekend. It's not that relaxing when you think about it.

All these holidays urges and cravings are making me reminisce to the beginning of this year when I got to take a little solo blogging trip to Seahaven Noosa. Ahhh Noosa. Those 3 kidless days that I spent exercising, doing yoga and eating - all beachside in an amazing resort that took my breath away from the minute I walked in. It was ridiculously relaxing and the fact that I was put in a room right beside Michael Klim made it even better. I guess when you stay at one of the most incredible places in Noosa you are bound to run into someone who is half decent looking and famous. So yes, I completed most of my workouts on our shared lawn. Let's just say that I did A LOT of walking lunges that weekend.

beach yoga

See I live a very balanced life. Feed me an acai bowl, chicken breast and quinoa any day and I'll be stoked, but put a steak, cold schooner of a pale ale or iced beer right in front of me and you'll instantly become my best mate. I'll always make holidays as balanced as my life. I'll always make time to exercise and be active, but yes I will enjoy that cold beer on the beach at the end of the day, or maybe at lunch depending on how the kids have been behaving.

Now the only thing that is stopping me from scratching my holiday itch is my bank balance.
Can someone please contact Afterpay so I can pay my imaginary holiday off in instalments?

holiday inspo

Cheers to Sunday, I should probably get back to work before the kids come home.


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