It's close to the end of my second pregnancy. I'm ready.

I haven't had a solid sleep in weeks. My tummy is too big to be comfortable, I have to get up to pee every time that I roll over & most nights I feel sick. It's like being in the first trimester all over again, except you're three times the size & have a fully grown baby inside of you. 

The last few weeks have been tough to say the least.

Last week I was in a car accident not even an hour after getting home from hospital where I'd been all morning with early labour pains. 

To be in a car accident is scary - but to be in a car accident with my toddler daughter & while 9 months pregnant, is one of the scariest moments of my life. Luckily it was not my fault - but it was still scary none the less.

I've been without my car for a week now, however I am lucky that my dad is a FIFO & doesn't need his while he's away, but who knows how long it will take to have my car back!

At this stage of pregnancy, I'm living in my trackies. Actually, I started that when I got pregnant but now my care factor of wearing them to the shops has gone out the window. Madi & I went to the shops just before - Madi wore her Frozen PJ's while I wore whatever bra that I could find & the baggiest harems I own. 

No fucks given. 

I won't lie, I've been testing the 'old wives tales' this week.

I've eaten licorice

I've been drinking pineapple juice daily

I've eaten spicy food.

I've driven over speed bumps at 40km an hour.


I just want to meet my little man. Well, at this stage he isn't so little.

You see, Madi was born at 41 weeks weighing 7 pound 11.

Max at 37 weeks (last week) already weighed 7 pound 13.

I'm only small, and with a bubba that big inside of me, my walk ain't a walk no more, it ain't even a waddle - it's more of a 'I just tried bum sex' walk. 

My boobs look like something straight out of National Geographic & I've started wearing maternity pads - which might I add, Madi calls mats & accused me of pooing in one the other day. She checks my undies every time I go to the toilet now.  (Just for the record, I did not poo myself).

Keep your fingers crossed that Max arrives in the very near near future.

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