Look at this photo of Max & ask yourself, does he look happy & healthy?

The answer is obviously yes. Keep that in your head.

Now there is one question that I am asked on a daily basis:

"Are you breastfeeding?"

The answer? No. I am no longer breastfeeding & no, I don't need to hear a lecture about it. I simply can't do it anymore, so I'm not. That's it. 

I've found that since I had to stop breastfeeding that the world is so opinionated when it comes to how you parent your child. Social media wasn't so judgmental when I had Madi, so when I had to stop breastfeeding, I just changed to formula without anyone giving a shit. Now days, the minute I change to formula is the moment I turn into a horrible parent. You know what? I actually don't give a shit what some overly opinionated asshole (and 100% this is ALWAYS WOMEN!) has to say about how I feed my child. Is it your child? No - so back the fuck up.

I had to stop breastfeeding because my milk simply dried up. This is exactly how it happened with Madi. My mum could only breastfeed myself & my two sisters for maybe a month, so she wasn't surprised when it happened to me. 

I had tried everything. Teas, biscuits, expressing, vitamins - you name it, I've probably tried it. I tried so hard to breastfeed Max for as long as I possibly could, & if that meant it only happened for 7 weeks, so be it. Max would get so hysterical when I forced him to feed on my boob because there simply was no milk there. He was happy & so I started him on formula. Guess what? HAPPY BABY.

Just because I am no longer breastfeeding, my baby is only 8 weeks old & has to drink formula, does not mean that I am a bad parent.
It does not mean that I don't want to give my son the best.
It does not mean that he isn't healthy.
It does not mean that he won't be intelligent when he grows up.
It does not mean that he will live a shorter life.
It does not mean that I am an unfit parent.
It does not mean that I failed. 

You know why? Because he is still being fed the best that I can possibly give him. I am not starving him like most opinionated assholes think we all do when we switch our babies over. 

I absolutely love breastfeeding & wish that I could have done it for so much longer, but I don't go around hating on breastfeeding women simply because they can do something that I can't. So why should breastfeeding women hate on formula feeders? I just don't understand.

We are all mothers & we should stand together because we are doing the same thing & that is raising children.

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