Breastfeeding. Not all women get to do it & I am extremely blessed that I can.

It's an amazing feeling to be able to breastfeed Max. With Madi I was only able to breastfeed for about 3 months after developing mastitis & I am hoping that I can push it a lot longer this time around. However, I had forgotten how many hilarious & embarrassing moments can come along with breastfeeding. 

I am always wearing breast pads, however sometimes my milk supply surpasses the soaking capabilities of the pad. The longer that I am out of the house, the more like I am to have a shirt soaked with milk within a few hours. It's not a subtle leak either. If it was just a tiny wet patch that could go unnoticed, it would be OK - instead I look down to see a gigantic yellow boob patch that has soaked straight through the pads, my bra & onto my shirt. Of course on this day I forgot to pack extra breast pads, so I stuffed a maternity pad down my bra instead. Honestly, the maternity pad soaked up the excess quite well, it just happened to look like I had stuffed my bra full of tissues for that 'fuller boob look'. 

If it isn't leakage while I'm not feeding, it's leakage when I am feeding. Poor Max has had so many breast milk showers in the last week. He starts the "hungry little piglet" face where he opens his mouth, closes his eyes, opens his mouth & snorts while blindly trying to locate my nipple but the little bugger always takes a quick suck to get it flowing & then pulls off - receiving a milk shower in the process. 
Sometimes it's just a short little spurt, but most times it is comparable to this scene out of Baseketball:

My boobs have gone through a rollercoaster of sizes in the last 10 years. 

Here is a brief timeline:
Age 17 - Nicknamed 'Loz BT' by my guy mates. BT = Big Tits
Age 21 - Lost weight = lost the boobs
Age 22 - Got pregnant & the boobs ballooned
Age 23 - Madisyn was born & they were comparable to Pamela Anderson
Age 25 - Competed in a fitness competiton & lost all boobage
Age 26 - Max was born & they sit at a nice F (or the size of my head)

They've been through the ringer & once the milk disappears this time around, I do expect them to sit not too far from my belly button. They aren't boobs anymore, they're just sacks of skin as I like to call them. But it's OK - at least my kids sucked the best stuff out of them for as long as they could. I don't really need them in the future - well Drew might but I think he might like to wait until he doesn't run the risk of a milk shower. He has tried to catch a glimpse of Max in the middle of one but I try to be as quick as possible to save Max in the off chance that he could drown.

This is just 2 weeks in - who knows what my boobs will do in the coming months!

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