Today is Father's Day & I am so much more grateful to be celebrating this day for Drew than anyone could ever imagine. 

This photo certainly is an old one. It's from when Drew & I first started dating 4 years ago & not long before we found out that we were going to have a baby. It feels like forever ago now. We fell pregnant not long after we became girlfriend & boyfriend - it was unexpected for both of us & neither of us were ready for it. 

When I was pregnant with Madi, I spent it alone. Many people told me that men didn't become fathers until their child was in their arms, and in Drew's case, they were right. He didn't know me well enough to have a child with me & even though I understand that now, I didn't back then - but we still tried to remain civil for the sake of our child. The day Madi was born, our lives changed forever & so did our relationship.

When Madi came into our lives, we learnt so much about each other - the biggest of those was that we loved each other. After 9 months of being alone, thinking that I would be spending Father's Day alone while my daughter visited Drew, I was so grateful that all 3 of us were together like a family. Like we should be. 

Our relationship has taken a few years to get to where we are now, but I've never loved Drew more than I do today. We've spent long periods of time apart to learn how much we actually love each other but we've always done the right thing by our kids no matter what. He is an amazing father to both of our kids, he works extremely hard & even though he can be a complete dick sometimes, I couldn't imagine life without him.

I try to make sure that Drew feels appreciated every single day, but on Father's Day, I will be forever grateful that I have him around & I hope that he knows that. 

Thank you for staying up with Max when I fall asleep.
Thank you for doing an emergency grocery run when there's no food in the house.
Thank you for working as hard as you do so we can live like we do.
Thank you for letting me have a bath even though I use all the hot water.
Thank you for being patient with toddler tantrums when I can't be.
Thank you for being the lowest maintenance boyfriend ever.
Thank you for our Friday night take away dinners.
Thank you for being the most amazing father for our kids. 
Thank you for being you.

I hope that you enjoy your Nerf guns that you've wanted forever.
Once the kids go to bed tonight, it's on like donkey kong motherfucker.

Happy Father's Day.

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