I am fucking pissed off. Why? 
Because I am sick to death mother's trying to bring other mother's down. 

I portray myself on social media exactly how I am in real life. 
I wash my hair once a week.
My house looks like a bomb hit it.
I live in the same pair of shitty K-Mart trackies every single day.
Drew & I are renting, we don't own a house.
I drive a 2008 model car.
I can't go overseas because I went bankrupt when I was 22.
I've been using the scraps of whatever makeup I have because I don't want to spend money on more. 
If I own something designer, it's because it was a birthday present.
I only buy groceries that are on sale.
I go to a bulk-billing doctor because I can't afford a private one.
I don't go to hairdressers because I refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for something that I can do for $10 at home.
Majority of my kids clothes are from K-Mart & Big W.
I have cellulite on my ass. 

It does my head in when simple minded people choose to be a keyboard warrior & attack what they see on social media. The more followers I get, the more horrible people are to me & although I am normally pretty at dealing with it, today just tipped the scales when a troll decided to have another go at me & that's a bad idea when I am so incredibly sleep deprived that I just had to vent.

I post what I post so that other mothers out there don't feel so alone. I post health related posts so that I can share my ideas with others out there. I've never been shy about sharing my past with all of you, no matter how dark it was. I've never fed one bit of bullshit to any of you - I've been 100% true & honest. 

I will quote a fellow mummy blogger that I've formed a great relationship with when she said "There's room on the internet for everyone". I am so grateful for the women that I've connected with because they're working towards the same goal I am - Mummy's being there for other Mummy's!

As mothers we should be uplifting each other. Not pulling each other down. If attacking someone over social media is your way of making yourself feel more powerful or better about yourself, you're actually pathetic. When I have a tough day with my 2 kids, I can either jump on my social media to a positive comment that will absolutely make my day, or I can look at the one who wants to tear me to shreds because she is on a keyboard warrior power trip. 

Congratulations for taking YOUR time out of YOUR day to attempt to make another fellow mother feel like shit. It was YOUR time that was wasted, not mine. If anything, thank you for taking the time to think of me.

Being a mother is a bloody hard job & because I know how hard it is, I would never ever try to make another fellow mother feel like shit. All of us need help every now & then & believe it or not, reaching out on social media so you can see that you're not alone can actually help. 

If you're a troll, in my books, you're a mole. 

Peace Out.

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