It's Sunday night & the house is quiet apart from the noise of the dishwasher & the telly. Drew & Madi have gone to bed while I sit on the couch with Max asleep by my side. Compared to the rest of the weekend, I'm pretty happy with how it has ended... kinda. Let's recap the weekend.
Rewind to Friday & Max has been unsettled all day. He would scream when he wasn't in my arms & he would scream when he was. Naps were few & far between & he was feeding twice than usual. My boobs are now on shifts as one gets inflamed to the point that I cannot feed Max on it - so I have to use the other one until the other one has time to ease. I've had to turn to mixed feeding just to keep up with his little growth spurt. 

Rewind to Satuday, I've hardly slept a wink & whatever sleep I did get, was on the couch. I managed to wash my hair the night before, it's all soft & flowy... until Max has a bit of a vomit & it ends up in my freshly washed hair. Top knot mum bun it is for the next week. I did want to try & leave the house but with Max being so hysterical, it just wasn't worth it. The trackies stayed on & I was a zombie with a baby for the day.

Rewind to this morning & I'm at my wits end. Sleep is the bare minimum required to live & the sound of Max screaming is really testing me. Drew has taken Max so I can sleep but all I can hear is crying. After a short crying stint on the edge of the bath I have a shower & try to keep up with his feeding demands. The formula isn't satisfying him so I chuck him on my sore boob that is full. The stinging pain is absolutely excrutiating, but if it makes him happy & stops him crying, well then it's what I have to do. 

My sister came over for a visit & told Drew & I to get out of the house for a few hours so we can regain our sanity. It worked. I didn't even feel bad leaving Max for the first time because I was so incredibly exhausted from the weekend. 

Rewind to an hour ago & both kids were screaming the house down. I was between cooking dinner, feeding Max & trying to keep Madi entertained. After losing the battle to get Madi to eat dinner, she just went into tantrum mode, which then got out of control & the next thing I know, she is squealing & hitting the wall in her room while I try & settle Max down. This is after Drew says that he needs a night away to relax & go hunting. Because that didn't hurt me at all. I know he works hard & I'll give him that - but he has now had a small taste of what I do every single day & HE needs a night away. I wish that I had some sort of stress release like he does.
Although the house is quiet because no one is talking to each other, at least it's quiet. Max is finally settled, Madi has cried herself to sleep & I'm assuming that Drew is watching the Discovery channel. 

Now I wish Max would wake up because I have one very full boob that's gone all square shaped. Knowing my luck he won't wake up for a few hours now. 

Happy Sunday.

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