I couldn't stay pregnant forever could I? 

No, to be honest, I never thought my writing would go any further than 'ThePreggoDiaries' because I didn't think anyone would read it! But thank you to all of you who have pushed me to find a passion that I never knew that I had! 

This time around you won't be reading about pregnancy, instead you'll be able to follow my new life as a mother of 2 kids, studying, training for my next fitness competition & all the hairy stuff in between! I'm curious to see how I go as a dual mum considering I never thought I'd have one - but we will see how I go! 

This pregnancy has certainly been one of many opportunities & I am so excited for the future ahead! 

Not long until little Max arrives... well, at this stage he ain't so little. Only 13 (or so) days to go! My patience is wearing thin as I can no longer sleep at night, I pee at least once an hour, Panadol Rapid is my best friend & I am drinking so much pineapple juice that my pee probably tastes like it. 

C'mon Max!

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