It's a taboo subject on a normal day let alone when you're 9 months pregnant. Considering that Drew is scared of poking our baby in the head, you can guess that there hasn't been much lovin' for the last few months. Fair enough - Drew is entitled to feel scared but I feel as though that ever since I hit my third trimester, I have been up for it more than usual. It's not that he isn't attracted to me, it's just with a huge basketball belly, I can't really move around like I used to. 

This picture explains it perfectly.

Explains third trimester sex down to tee - don't you think?

Last time around, I didn't have a partner so I wasn't trying to bang anyone but this time around when Drew could have it whenever he wants, he's opting for waiting until I'm a fully functioning woman again. Which is fair enough! It just makes it that little bit harder when the more hormonal & pregnant that I get, Drew just gets sexier in my eyes. That rugged chippy look gets me every time.

When I am so so so close to having this child & I am looking for any trigger for labour, I've read that sex is one of the most effective ways. Nipple stimulation should be a write off, because mine hurt like a MOFO all the time. If I don't warm them up on cold mornings, they stick out like dogs balls & I'm in for a world of pain - let alone someone else touching them. Ugh - It makes me cringe!

Even though we aren't doing 'it', Drew still has a way of making me feel like the most attractive person in the world. I think he must be feeling a little hormonal too.

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