I had my first kid at 23. I had my second at 26.

Aaaaaaaaand I'm done.

I don't want any more kids. I don't want a large family. I've got my beautiful pidgeon pair, I've spent 20 months of my life up the duff, so tie up my tubes and take out my ovaries because this bitch is done with reproducing.

Apparently that shocks people. The fact that I don't want any more kids SHOCKS people. They act as if I'm not grateful that I have the ability to create a child. It's as it's a problem. I'm still young so I couldn't be 100% sure that's what I want, right? Bullshit - I know what I want and that's what I've got - my family of 4. I am grateful and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! We just simply don't want to have anymore kids!

I think the decision that I made to have 2 kids at a younger age (when I say decision I mean that Drew and I got drunk and forgot to use protection) was the best decision ever. We got 2 amazing kids out of it, we're happy as Larry and we both know that we don't want anymore. Now all we want is to live our lives and enjoy sex without any reproductive consequences. When I say sex, I mean that thing that happens about 3 times a year because we're so busy with the kids and work and life and eating food and paying bills and mowing the lawn. 

Don't even get me started on the whole 'marriage' thing. Yes, one day we will eventually do it, but the thought of spending thousands of dollars on one day when that money could be spent on the kids just scares the living shit out of me. Drew and I have done this all backwards but we're 'wing it' type of people. We've taken everything as it has come over the years and that's what we'll continue to do - except the kids, we're getting that taken care of the minute someone will let us do it without relationship counselling.

I won't judge you if you want to have 10 kids, so don't judge me for wanting 2. 

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