Two days ago, I got my first period in over a year. 
And I forgot how much they suck.

If there was one thing that I took for granted about being pregnant, it was not getting my period. That being said, I was not prepared for this to happen and so when it did come, it definitely didn't rain, it poured. It was like I was 14 again and had just gotten my first ever period. 

I'm knackered;
I'm hot;
I'm moody;
I'm sweaty;
I'm irritable;
And I can't even leave the house because every time that I have in the last 2 days, I've managed to soak through both pairs of denim shorts that I was wearing. No wonder the girls who were behind me in the supermarket were laughing at me yesterday. I had no idea that I was walking around with a giant red patch on the ass of my shorts. Hopefully my stain removal skills can reach beyond baby poop so that I can salvage my only 2 pairs of denim shorts. 

I don't like having my period. The only positive that comes out of it is knowing that I'm not pregnant - of course I'm not, you need to have sex to get pregnant. As if Drew isn't frustrated enough, he now has to start dealing with 'that time of the month' hormones again. The guys is nearly 30 and he still doesn't trust something that bleeds for 7 days and doesn't die. But after going with out a period for so long, neither do I.

Why do tampons have to be so expensive? The home brand tampons definitely do not cut the mustard when it comes to doing their job so the money needs to be spent on the super dooper tampons which end up costing more than the cost of raising a child. I'm starting to think that it's cheaper to just keep having kids than it is to piss my money into the wind and buy tampons every single month.

Listen to me whinging and bitching, you can't half tell I'm just being hormonal and moody. I didn't think I was that bad until Drew asked me a simple question and got annoyed at the fact that he was even talking to me without handing me chocolate at the same time. I don't even eat chocolate. I'm a completely different person right now! I'm even wearing pants, and it's SUNDAY.

On the upside, my usually saggy boobs are quite supple today.

Happy Sunday.

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