Who was the fuckin' prissy dickhead who told the world that stay-at-home parents do bugger all during the day? I'd love to meet them and tell them to eat a dick.

I've come across a few people lately who think that this shit is a walk in the park and I've been close to flippin' them the bird and rubbing it all up in their face, however I have refrained because well, I actually don't know why.

Max is 4 months old now and I still don't have a routine. If I manage to keep the kids alive on a daily basis with lots of love and good times, then I think I'm doing well!
But then some dipshit who has their head shoved so far up their own ass has to put their two cents in and make you feel like you're not doing it good enough because the house is a mess, you don't feel like going out for dinner or you're crazy because you cried over a stupid dickhead car driving past your house that wakes the baby up. 

I had a moment a few weeks ago where I was going to take Max to a health clinic to find out why he wasn't sleeping and I freaked the fuck out, burst into tears and left when I saw all the mothers pulling up in the car park. Why? Because some mothers can be judgmental bitches when they have their shit together and other mothers don't.  For those of you who saw my snap chat of me crying in the car, that was it. 

There is no perfect parent, no matter what some people try to portray. For those of you out there who feel the need to turn your nose at any parent, how about you think about how much they have to do in a day. They're job is to raise little human beings and they're responsible for not only themselves, but other lives. Unless you're a parent, you have no idea.

Being a parent is the most




and DIFFICULT job in the whole entire world, so before you go and judge them for wanting to do that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, how about you think about what you're saying to them.

I can guarantee that when you're old and require 24 hour assistance because you can't wipe the shit off your own ass, you'll be regretting that judgemental comment you made to a stay at home parent.

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