This is a repost of a blog I posted many months ago when I was pregnant with Max. 
Mads was giving me grief with her tantrums and after reading "That Sugar Book", I decided to experiment with food and their connections to tantrums. Here's my story:

After reading ‘That Sugar Book’ and I was inspired to test out the theories that I had read about. For the last few months I have conducting my own little experiment to see if processed and refined sugars contribute to the behaviour of toddlers and I wanted to share my findings with you all! Now, please take note that I am writing this from a parents point of view, not a professional, so don’t go getting all amped up and thinking that I think that I know it all, because I don’t. I only know what I’ve learnt from my own experiences.

Many months ago, I was prone to treating my child with a chocco when she came grocery shopping with me, but little did I know that it was very, very bad idea. After reading ‘That Sugar Book’ (which is also one of Australia’s biggest documentaries made to date), I couldn’t believe half the information that I right in front of me. As someone who has gained a large amount of knowledge about food after going through gestational diabetes & also competition prep and needing to educate myself about food, I still didn’t know half that shit. The book opened my eyes to what I was really giving my child.

After months of uncontrollable tantrums and locking myself in a bedroom crying because I just couldn’t take it anymore, out of complete and utter desperation I cleared my cupboards after reading the book. This meant that the muesli bars, fruit purees, kids juices and cereal had to go. I didn’t have too much crap in there anyway, but I just never thought that giving Mads her fave cereal (Nutri-Grain) was just setting the day up for failure. I was already a label reader, however I mainly stuck to carbs, fats & protein… I had no knowledge how many grams was equal to a teaspoon and that’s where I was going wrong when it came to the sugar content. (For reference, 4g is equal to a teaspoon. I dare you to go into your cupboards and have a look at the sugar content for your kids favourite snacks are!).

After removing these things from Madi’s menu, I stuck to fruit & veg markets, the butcher and only went to the supermarket for cleaning products. This is when everything started to change.

I can say that by swapping cereal for oats, muesli bars for homemade almond meal & banana cookies (if you make them yourself, you know EXACTLY what is in them) and exxing the kiddy juices for the occasional self-made juice from my work (once again, knowing exactly what is in them), her behaviour began to change… dramatically.

Madi on Sugar:
Tantrums that would last for over an hour
Constantly asking for sugary foods
Restless nights sleeping
Would cry at the drop of a hat for the stupidest reasons (a little like pregnancy)
Hard to put to bed at night
A little shithead

The dreaded tantrum.
The dreaded tantrum.
Effects of toddler tantrums.
Effects of toddler tantrums.

Madi OFF Sugar:
Easy to reason with
She would walk to the fridge and grab a banana instead of asking for shit
Funny as hell
Easy to put to bed at night
Her personality and language skills improved dramatically

My angel.
My angel.
I can now happily take Madi to the shops without hassle, she’s an angel at kindy, an absolute joy to have around and I am so proud of the little bugger that I have raised.

Sugar is like an addiction, and even from birth we could be setting them up for the terrible twos without even knowing it. Have you checked the sugar content on your babies formula lately? I will be looking at the labels like a hawk when it comes to baby #2, I’ve already started my research!

Each parenting style is different, however I wanted to share this because I know so many parents going through the terrible twos at the moment, and after this solution working for me, I am hoping that it will help someone else.

It isn’t hard to stick to fruit, vegetables and natural proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The earlier in life that you start your kids on this healthy way of living, the easier it will be for your kids as they grow up. You will educate and even surprise yourself with what you might learn!

I hope that this can help even just ONE parent out there!

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