Like most of you, my life is non-stop. I’m never in one place for too long and most of the time I need to have access to some sort of computing device. As a busy working mum, blogger and trainer, lugging a laptop around everywhere I go can become a pain in the A especially if it’s the size of a house.

Then I met this little beauty – the ASUS VivoBook E200HA.

Now originally when I was approached to give this baby a whirl, its selling point was focused towards high school students. Considering I am a tiny bit older than a high school student (when I say tiny bit old I mean that I finished school 11 years ago), I am still the same size as one. When I leave the house, it’s with 2 backpacks, my gym bag, my hand bag, a 10kg baby and a laptop in tow. That becomes a bit heavy after about 10 seconds.

I’ve taken my laptop to many destinations with me, and my ex-laptop was the size of a big screen telly, so it made lugging it around a task in itself. Once I got my hands in the Vivobook, it was like holding a piece of gold. It fit in my handbag, I could carry it without getting a bicep pump and it made me look pretty legit when I sat down in a café to jump onto some emails or give an assignment a tackle.

Let’s take into consideration that these days, most high school students are required to have a laptop. To me that is cray as I thought books handled the job pretty well, however, it’s life these days and it’s all about technology. Now imagine that little student lugging their dad’s old work laptop around in their backpack on their walk to school or the bus. Now add that up over 5 years.

So seeing as I’m probably smaller than a high school aged student because I stopped growing at the age of 12, I can vouch for the Vivobook and can confidently say that it is the perfect laptop for a busy student or someone like me who is always working out of a different location every single day. The battery lasts long enough to out-do your phone, it’s lighter than carrying books and I think it’s a pretty cute accessory too. I mean c’mon, it always helps when it looks good too!

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