As parents, how often do we stop to give ourselves a big pat on the back for the incredible work that we do? Hardly ever, because ain’t nobody got time for that, we’re parents! Time aside, really have a good think about the last time that you said to yourself “I am a bloody awesome parent”, because if you haven’t lately and you’ve just taken the time to read this, do it now.

I recently sat down to partake in another module of the Triple P program as I was curious to learn more. I have only ever held the belief that although a tough gig, all aspects of parenting should be regarded as positive, so to find out exactly what “positive parenting” is and finding strategies to creating a positive environment for my kids was an interesting topic.

What is positive parenting? To me it is what we naturally do as we become parents. We create safe and interesting environments for our children where they can explore, play and experiment as they grow older and discover the world. We also are there for our children when they need us and have questions to ask. Now, I am completely guilty of saying “Mads, just give me a sec” when I am answering an email or tending to Max, which I always regret afterwards. Giving our kids undivided attention when they are wanting to learn something new is so important!

I can honestly say that once I went through this module, I was both grateful for having such incredible kids who have so quickly learnt great habits and behaviours and then I gave myself a pat on the back for just that.

At the beginning of this year, our family separated, however when it happened, both Drew and I made a promise that the kids would not suffer for one moment. We wanted to make the situation as easy as possible of both Madi and Max, with a healthy balance of both of their parents while keeping a consistent schedule between both homes. It wasn’t easy; however, we were determined to be a good example to our kids so that they grew up learning about positive relationships, regardless of whether their parents were together or not.

Taking the time out to sit down and truly examine myself as a parent opened my eyes as to how well I’ve done and the Triple P program has certainly paid off in more ways than one. As a free Queensland Government initiative, I recommend that all parents, carers or grandparents take just one hour of their week to further their knowledge, and then give themselves a pat on the back for the great job that they’re doing.  

You can view many handy tips and parenting advice on the Triple P Facebook page as well as finding the next seminar happening near you 

You can thank me later, but for now I want to thank Triple P and the QLD Government on behalf of every parent for providing such a great program to help us raise happy and confident children!

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