As parents we sometimes lack confidence and feel as though we are aren’t competent enough to raise a child, but that’s only because we have that inner voice that is telling us that we can’t. But did you ever stop to think that our children may have those same voices running through their head too? Well it’s a reality, however as parents we have the ability to instill specific qualities and traits in our children that will help them grow as confident and competent children. The power is in our hands.

Some parents plan for years to have their children, unlike myself who adapted to parenthood when I surprisingly fell pregnant a few years back. I hardly knew how to look after myself let alone my own child, so the thought of raising another human being was scary. To this day, sometimes it still is, not just for me, but for a crap load of us. I never thought of taking a course to learn parenting strategies, however turning up at a Triple P Parenting Seminar was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made.

What is Triple P ? Well, it is Positive Parenting Program which is a QLD Government initiative that offers FREE parenting courses that are offered both online and face to face. Yes, I just said FREE. It was formed to help parents, grandparents and carers raise happy kids, manage misbehaviour, set rules and routines and numerous other skills.

As our kids grow older, their personalities develop and you’ll either draw the shithead card, the angel card or if you’re really lucky, a giant mixture of both. No matter what, there are strategies that we can put in place so that our child learns to gain confidence, respect others and themselves. The younger that we start teaching our kids these skills, the more likely that they will grow up utilising them.

While sitting through this seminar, I started to become so incredibly grateful for the fact that my toddler has impeccable manners. That being said, she still has a tendency to be absolute sass monster who needs to be bought back into line at times, and I learnt how to manage these episodes by reasoning, rather than threatening. I will admit that I am one to come out with the old countdown when it comes to not eating dinner or getting her to perform a task which is hardly ever successful, however I now use a different approach when it comes to these situations.

Being a parent is tough and none of us are experts. Just by realising that it is OK to ask for help is a huge step when it comes to the positive development of our kids. If we raise confident and competent children now, they’ll grow up to be confident and competent adults. I can safely say that I feel more like a confident and competent parent after sitting through this seminar. As parents we will never stop learning, but it always helps to have some extra information in our back pocket for when our children decide to challenge our sanity.

You can view many handy tips and parenting advice on the Triple P Facebook page  as well as finding the next seminar happening near you.

You can thank me later, but for now I want to thank Triple P and the QLD Government on behalf of every parent for providing such a great program to help us raise

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Lauren Patterson