When I fell pregnant about five odd years ago, parenting advice generally came from family or friends, however with social media being such a huge platform for others to voice their opinion about breast versus bottle, there’s one thing to remember: fed is best.

After popping out two very awesome kids and only being able to breastfeed both of them for a maximum of two months if I was lucky, I learnt to do what worked for me and my children rather than listen to someone who was ill-informed, close minded and most of the time, just plain bloody rude. I’ve never understood how other people’s parenting choices were that of someone else’s business, especially when it came to how a mother should feed their child. 

Seeing as both Madi and Max have been bottle fed for most of their lives (obviously Madi is no longer on the bottle as she now instead enjoys a nice babycino with two, not one, marshmallows), I have gone through my fair share of different brands when it comes to baby formula. I’ve had some give the kids diarrhoea, constipation, reflux and then others the kids have just not wanted a bar of it. As parents, obviously we want to know what is going into the bodies of our babies, so to be ensured that we choose the right formula for our child is somewhat of a pretty substantial decision.

Max has gone through about four different brands of formula since starting on the bottle when he was quite little, however most recently (when I say recently I mean three months ago), we began trying Munchkin Grass Fed milk-based formula. Long story short, most formulas contain milk or milk by-products, and for me I would much rather those aspects of the formula that I feed my child come from a happy and healthy cow that can provide all the natural goodness that my bubba needs as he grows up. Another great aspect of this formula is that is free from GMO (genetically modified organisms). Now I am no expert, but anything that starts with ‘genetically modified’ is something I probably want to steer clear of when it comes to anything that the kids put in their body!

Now I was already sold on this product when I agreed to give it a go, so when it came to the final verdict, I tend to let Max take control. The kid doesn’t even talk but the fact that he didn’t experience any negative side effects, he gets excited about his bottle and is growing up as healthy as he can be, I’d say we have a winner. I may not be feeding him straight from the boob, but at least I am feeding him which is all we can do as parents!

Breast or bottle, give yourself a bloody big pat on the back for feeding your child and keeping them alive. I feel like I am doing the best that I possibly can and if Max is happy with Munchkin grass-fed formula, then so am I.

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