On a daily basis I am asked
“What do you eat?”
“What do your kids eat?”
“What products do you use” …and the list goes on. The answer? The kids and I eat the same food and products because we love eating whole foods, natural foods and natural products that are safe and healthy for everyone!

When I first started to change the way we ate and what products we used, I felt that I needed to be a millionaire to live a healthy lifestyle. Everything was unprocessed and that meant it cost more, however that just meant that I needed to find ways to make living a healthy and balanced lifestyle more affordable and attainable – because no, I’m not a millionaire and I live on a bloody strict budget.

Along the way, I’ve managed to work out a few tips for those wanting to change their habits and help their families start eating more whole foods and products that will ultimately improve their health for the future! Here are my tips:

  1. Buy things like almond meal, coconut oil and cacao in bigger lots to save money

  2. Just like your supermarkets, wait for the specials if you can

  3. Don’t go crazy with things you know you won’t use, buy what you NEED

  4. Purchasing online is convenient, most of the time cheaper and have a greater range

I had made purchases previously from Australian Natural Care when I realised that I could save money on items that I use on a daily basis, save time and save myself from having to go from the supermarket to the health store and it was convenient because I am a busy mother with things to do! They approached me to try their product called the EasiYo Yoghurt maker – which I will be 100% honest, I had always been sceptical of purely because I didn’t know if it would taste the same as Greek Yoghurt, and well, I was proven wrong! It was creamy, delicious and the kids absolutely loved it too!

Now one thing that I’ve learnt since becoming a mother is that if you get the kids involved in fruit and veggie shopping and with food in general, it makes them want to try different things that they wouldn’t normally approach themselves. That being said, my kids and I go absolutely cray over Greek Yoghurt, so getting the kids involved in making it with the EasiYo was something I couldn’t pass up! It was a win, as the kids got involved in making their own yoghurt from scratch  and then choose what fruit that they wanted to add. Success.

Living a healthy and balanced lifestyle doesn’t need to be expensive and I can absolutely vouch for that. As a mother of 2, I have to keep money tight so by shopping online at Australian Natural Care for my everyday items like my vitamins and now my yoghurt, makes life easier and more affordable.

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