This week I've been on struggle street,
Unable to think, unable to eat.
That horrible mindset has taken control of my head,
Only leaving me alone when I am asleep in my bed.

I try so hard to change my mood,
But this mindset has affected my thoughts and my attitude.
I try to do the best that I can,
But it's so hard for others to understand.

My chest is tight, my body is weak,
My mind is full of thoughts but I'm unable to speak.
I am a good mother, around my kids I hide,
All those shitty feelings that I have inside.

I go to work and put on a happy face,
When I'm with my kids or my clients, that's my happy place.
I know that I don't want to feel this way,
I'll make sure that this feeling isn't around to stay.

This week I've been on struggle street,
I just made myself sit down to eat.
I'll make this week better than the last,
I'll make my post-natal depression a thing of the past. 


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MotherhoodLauren Patterson