It’s crazy how quickly 18 weeks can pass by when you’re enjoying spending all the time in the world with your new little bubba – if only it lasted forever! Some mummies choose to go back to work after their maternity leave is over, some mothers choose to be stay-at-home mothers, and then there are some that don’t have a choice but to return to the workforce. No matter what decision you make, it isn’t an easy one, but for mothers returning to work who aren’t feeling too great about leaving your beautiful baby (INCLUDING ME - I'm heading back to work TOMORROW!), so here are a few little reminders to help ease the anxiety!

1.       The “mum-guilt” WILL wear off
Leaving your new baby is not easy by any means! The biggest I think we feel is guilt because we don’t really want to leave them when it comes down to it. “Mum-guilt” is real and I think we all punish ourselves way too much when it comes to going back to work. Good news, after a while it does wear off. It’s healthy to have time away from your baby as everyone does it at some stage and your baby certainly won’t hold it against you! For example, Max had his first day at daycare last week and within minutes he had several of the daycare girl lining up for cuddles and he couldn't have given two shits that I had left.

2.       YOUR decision is the BEST decision
As a mum, any decision that you make for the good of your children will always be the best one! Trust your motherly instinct and go with it. We only make decisions that will help our children and as they grow up, they will begin to understand exactly that! Cut yourself some slack and remember that your baby will be happy as long as they’re being fed, have a clean bum and cuddles on demand! 

3.       YOU are still your own person
Once we journey into motherhood, we sometimes lose ourselves and forget that we’re also our own person too – heading back to work is a great reminder that we can still do something for not only our children but ourselves too! It’s a great way to socialise and get yourself out of the house - plus a little extra moolah and a solo coffee break is always nice.

4.       Childcare is AMAZING!
Madi has been in daycare for nearly 3 years now and she absolutely LOVES it! She has made many friends, has learnt so much and is always excited to go! Seeing her run off with her friends gives me the best feeling that I’ve done the right thing by sending her there a few days a week so she can spend time with her little friends and do lots of awesome things! Although it’s a little expensive, I now see it as an investment in Madi. She loves it and I love seeing her so happy!

5.       There ARE family friendly workplaces out there
The happier you are with your job, the easier it is to transition back into the workforce! If you’re going to be away from your children, where possible, make sure you’re doing something you love and are passionate about. It’s important to make sure your employer respects and supports your family responsibilities. Businesses such as Diverse City Careers exist to help women find the perfect working environment especially when it comes to family friendly companies. They actually screen the employers for you! Utilising services such as these allow you to explore opportunities that may suit your family lifestyle and make you feel more comfortable about heading back to work.

If you're wanting a career that suits your family and motherhood, check out the Diverse City Careers website www.diversecitycareers.com or their Instagram @dcc_au

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