How to keep the kids quiet and happy for about 20 minutes: cook them spaghetti beef bolognaise. 
Like any parent, I use my little tricks to hide veggies in the sauce, and it always works. Best part? It not only tastes good and keeps them happy, it’s loaded with the nutrients that they – and you – need like iron for energy and zinc for brainpower.
Happy kids, happy mum!

500g Beef Mince
1x Red Onion
2x Tinned Tomatoes
1/2 Cup Tomato Paste
1 Heaped Teaspoon of Italian Herbs Mix (I use I'm Your Flavour because there are no fillers!)
Pinch of Pink Salt
1xTeaspon Olive Oil
2x Cloves of Garlic (3 if you're like me and love garlic) 
1 x grated carrot
1 x head of broccoli

Then LOAD it up with whatever veggies you like! I used grated carrot & broccoli!

Cook the onion, garlic and mince until brown. Add in the remaining ingredients apart from the veggies and cook until delicious & tasty!

I tend to steam my veggies first and then add them to the sauce so they're all soft for the kids.
Serve with pasta (or zucchini - it's your choice!) and ENJOY!

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