My day job isn't one that requires me to put on boots, get shitty at incompetent workers and cop shit from a boss all day, but that doesn't mean that my day can't be hard either. 

My kids are with me 80% of the time and I try to juggle work and study on top of that. Now I never like to call being a mother a 'job', but when someone comes to me and compares their strenuous day at work to mine with the kids and at the end of the conversation makes a concerted effort to make me feel inadequate, well I would kindly like to tell them to eat a dick. Just quietly.

My baby poured my coffee all over the floor this morning, and this is right before he decided that I couldn't quickly duck to the loo for a quiet poop because he wanted to crawl into the shower to get his rubber ducky. He's currently on my arm while I write this, and I would bet on him not sleeping today, which is normal for him. 

Then let's go back to yesterday when he projectile vomited in 5 different spots throughout my unit, then would not go to sleep last night until about 8.30pm - probably because he knew that I had an assignment due this morning that I wanted to get done and dusted so I could study for 2 assessments that I have tonight. 

These are just the EVENTFUL things that have happened in the last 2 days. I don't need to remind you about the countless shit filled nappies, being screamed at for bottles and food from both children, a bored toddler, dishes piling up on the sink, shit all over the floor and then the work sitting in my inbox that should be attended to but isn't because I don't want my children remembering their mother being stuck to her laptop for most of the day. 

Why do people feel the need to compare? Do you live the life of the person you're comparing yourself to? NAH, YOU DON'T - SO BACK THE FUCK UP.

If someone wanted to pay me (and any other parent for that matter) for the actual jobs that I do in a day, I could pay someone else to write this blog for me. I could probably pay someone else to do my work for me too. I could also pay someone else to GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR OPINION. But I don't, I am rewarded with undying love and cuddles from my beautiful kids.

I may take my kids out for breakfast every now and again, get to cuddle them and spend amazing times with them, but that doesn't mean that I'm not up sitting at my laptop until 11-12 at night trying to get shit done once the kids are in bed. You don't hear how many times in a day I nearly break down because I feel that if I do anything wrong by the kids, their dad will use it against me. You have no idea how much I wish I could feel like I was doing this single parenting right, because I don't.

I am happy as a pig in shit and seem strong, that doesn't mean my day wasn't a tough like yours. I just know how to handle myself and keep it together. It doesn't mean that I wouldn't love a cuddle on the couch at the end of the night, because I would. I'm like a puffer fish - I look super cute until you fuck with me.

So yes, this was a rant. A well warranted rant. It is also fuelled by PMS. 

Peace out.

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