Before a baby is born, nappy bags are super organised and contain every single item that you could possibly need to look after a baby. However after said baby has entered the world, if you were to clean out your nappy bag right now, you'd probably find everything plus the kitchen sink in there.

What is in my nappy bag? Let's have a look.

Nappies (duh, of course)  I have honestly tried and tested every single nappy brand on the market. Of course we become curious as to what makes every nappy so different to the other and after years of nappy buying. Little Ones Nappies, exclusive to Woolworths, have been super good at soaking up copious amounts of wee, they don't irritate my baby's bum and they're the cheapest on the shelf. You can't really go wrong with those attributes. Absorbent, affordable and reliable.

Spare Undies (for me) This is not in case I get hit by a bus. I carry spare undies with me because after birthing two kids naturally, my pelvic floor has the ocassional moment of weakness and I need to freshen up.

Wipes Just like the nappies, I've tried every brand. However wipes can become quite exxy when you compare brands and as a blue collar Aussie, I need wipes that don't irritate my baby plus be affordable. Once again, Woolworths Little Ones thick’n’soft premium wipes tick all of those boxes.

Tampons I have a tampon with me at all times. You could check my purse and I probably have one in there. I am the go-to tampon girl.

Formula Dispenser  It's always that one time that you're going to be out for a while that you run out of formula. My formula dispenser has been a lifesaver because every bottle is measured out and ready to go.

Hand Sanitiser  You deal with little peoples poop all day, no more explanation needed.

Extra Clothes (for baby)  Somehow babies have a super power which allows them to crap upwards, therefore ruining that amazing outfit that you've just dressed them in about ten minutes ago.

Distraction Toys  These toys are basically unused as my kids have always preferred items such as car keys, mobile phones and shoes. That rattle seemed like a fun idea but apparently they aren't cool anymore.

Tissues  Beacuse we're all forever cleaning snotty noses.

Food  I have two types of food: kids snacks and my snacks. The kids snacks normally consist of fruit, rice crackers and yoghurt. Mine, that little protein bar that I hid in there months ago and forgot about until that desperate moment of hunger. That's if Madi hasn't found it first.

Dummies  Put one in every bloody pocket and hidey hole in that bag because it's always when you need one desperately that you can't friggin' find one as there's a dummy stealing gnome that follows you around and takes all your dummies when you baby is screaming their head off.

That list was what I PLAN to have in my nappy bag - but to add to that is are the items that I found when I unpacked everything.
3 Tic Tacs
Empty packet of Panadol
Nurofen syringe. A spoon
Empty roll of toilet paper
A sock
Empty chocolate bar wrapper
Lid from a tupperware container.

It doesn't matter how many times a week that I clean out my bag, it's always interesting to see what I can find in there. 

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