The holidays are over (wait, what holidays?) and it's that time of year when all of us scramble to have our shit together and make sure that everything for the kids is taken care of being they head back to school, daycare and kindy. As the daughter of a stationery store owner, I have seen first hand how absolutely cray mothers get around this time of year and it's comparable to magpie season - stationery stores turn into war zones and it's on for young and old to make sure you get the last glue stick before they sell out. 

I myself find stationery, clothing and school needs shopping very enjoyable - mainly because I do most of it online and avoid any human contact during this time of year. The part that really grinds my gears about the kids heading back to kindy and daycare is when they lose all the shit I've just bought them within a small amount of weeks. However this can be solved by labelling every bloody thing that these kids touch - that's when I head to Stuck On You and buy bulk labels at once so that every shoe, backpack, drink bottle, bed sheet, lunch box, fork, spoon, hat and possibly the kid themselves just to save any dramas.


Now when it comes to labelling, I most of the time label everything twice. Not because they remove easily, I just make sure that the kids names are plastered over everything because I personally don't enjoy pissing money into the wind because I have to buy drink bottles on a weekly basis because most of us parents head to K-Mart to purchase bulk cheap drink bottles and we all end up sending our kids to school with the same stuff. We're Aussie, we're simple people and we have the same fantastic and budget friendly choices.

I've been shopping on Stuck On You for years now - every since Madi was born. I'm also pretty sure that Mum used to shop on there too. As far as I know it's always been the go-to site for any personalised of the kids, considering that they stock everything from sticker labels to lunch boxes, hats to stationery kits, they've covered all bases for kids. One of my favourite items that they've most recently launched are their new personalised Bento Lunch Boxes - they're so good that I want one for myself.

These lunch boxes were a hit because they kids found it so fun to eat from each little compartment. I wish they got that excited over the dinners that I slave over every night but hey, I guess I need to start putting their dinner in these babies then. Don't worry about the hard effort that I put into a beautiful mean, I may as well try and make vegetable filled meals and con them into eating every mouthful by putting them in a Bento. 

I label everything, even the kids sometimes because even though I only have 2 and they are both a different sex, I still manage to call one by the others name. 

So seeing as there's currently 30% off sitewide right now, I'm gonna do another shop. Head to

Happy Back 2 School time y'all!

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