I don’t know about you, but ever since I became a parent I’ve got a new found passion for stain removal and vacuuming. I get a little kick out of things that I never knew I would, things such as removing dried in stains and hearing god knows what get sucked up by the vacuum cleaner. This type of excitement isn’t diagnosed, I haven’t found anything on Dr. Google and I have heard of other people experiencing this same type of satisfaction, so yes, I am actually normal.

Back when I moved out with the kids last year, my folks bought me my first brand new vacuum cleaner for my birthday. It was your entry level vacuum, it did the job in my tiny little shoe box that we were living in but a vacuum was a vacuum, until I was lucky enough to trial the Wertheim 7 from Godfreys.

From the first moment I laid eyes on this majestic piece of dust sucking machinery, I knew that my passion for vacuuming was blossoming. Not only did I now live in a bigger apartment with more floor space to vacuum, but now I could really get to work. I am just your average mum, no picture perfect IG worthy home, but this is our life, when I'm not vacuuming the gym, I'm vacuuming my home, around toys, clothes and whatever other crap the kids have pulled out of their bedroom and into the lounge room. Vacuuming is my therapy and I love the sound of shit going up the hose.


Now I know you’re probably thinking to yourself, how can Lauren possibly get so enthusiastic about a bloody vacuum cleaner – WELL, the fact is, as much as I sometimes get the shits because I am the only person in my house that can clean said house, if I make it fun and get passionate about having a tidy home for the kids to live in, then I’m going to be passionate. Even my kids love to vacuum now, it’s a task that Madi gets a sticker on her rewards chart for doing. The kids see everything I do, they see their mummy cleaning up on the daily and they love getting involved, ok, Max not so much and we all know who he gets that from but I won’t even go there. HAHA.

As someone who has allergies and hayfever, which I think have also been passed down to Max (sorry bubba!) it is important that I am making sure that I can eradicate as much of the dust as possible around our home. A great aspect of the Werthheim 7 is that it picks up *36% more dirt and dust than the best selling bagless vacuum cleaner and I can hear that when I’m using it. What’s even more interesting is when I went to Godfreys to purchase more vacuum bags, the sales person told me to vacuum my mattress to see how much crap comes out of it as it would be an eye opener AND help me sleep better at night – WOW, mind blown, the shit that got sucked up by that vacuum was INSANE. I actually had no idea that our skin sheds during the night into our mattress, it’s gross but intriguing.


So I had already come to the conclusion that the Wertheim 7 was the most epic vacuum that I’ll ever own, and the lady at the Godfreys store confirmed that when her eyes lit up after I told her I was in there to purchase more bags for it. Was this person just as passionate about stain removal and vacuuming as I am? I think so. It was because of her that I went and vacuumed my mattress, attached the dust case and really found out how much crap flies around my home.

This all being said, with a price point of $1299,  this machine is like an investment. Yes, many just see vacuuming as your everyday chore, however, have you ever considered what it’s actually picking apart from the usual crap the kids crumble and leave on the floor – you’d be amazed. There is a solution though because Godfreys now have Oxipay on their website! 

So excuse me while I head off to vacuum my absolute pigsty of a home because I haven't been home properly for a few weeks. Let's put this baby to WORK!

*Independent laboratory tested 2017. GFK Australian Sales Data May 2017.

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