There’s nothing like a trip to the zoo. I can still to this day remember my first visit and only visit until just recently. It was 2001 and it was our big grade six camp which took us all the way from the countryside of Maffra to the big lights of Melbourne. How our teachers managed to wrangle 24 of us, I don’t know but I do remember it being pretty bloody awesome.

I think one of the best parts of being a parent is getting to relive your childhood all over again when you take your kids to do things that you remember at their age. I love all of the old kids TV shows, books, crawling around with just your pants on and of course, the zoo. For so long I had waited for the kids to be at an age where I wasn’t spending a ridiculous amount of money just for them to not remember a thing (they can save that for their 18th).

Taking your kids to the zoo is such an incredible experience and Nexcare™ Brand think so too! They’re giving away a family trip to the zoo of your choice on its Facebook page, accessible via www.nexcareanimals.com.au to celebrate the launch of its Nexcare Animal Print Waterproof Bandages. Entrants are sent a sample pack of Nexcare Animal Waterproof Bandages to be used as part of a drawing competition for the chance to win one of two Family Annual Passes to an Australian zoo of your choice.

We are lucky enough to live in Queensland, which is home to one of Australia’s most popular zoos – Australia Zoo! I had always wanted to go there because I had only heard amazing things, plus I wanted to see some crocs. When Madi found out that we were going to the zoo she nearly busted a hernia, so I knew that it was going to be a good day.
It also just happened to be that the day we planned to go was going to be Queensland’s hottest day in many years, so I was ecstatic. 

I can sum up a 1yo and 4yo’s trip to the zoo quite easily. Max spent the whole day pointing at the animals and saying “Ooooh!” while Madi spent the day asking if every single animal could eat her. We had planned to walk the entirety of the zoo, however I had absolutely no idea that it was the size of Tasmania and when it was 45 degrees, walking in the glaring sun so we could get to Africa to see the giraffes made it actually feel like I was walking to Africa. It was bloody hot, we’d run out of water and of course, the kids had eaten all of their snacks on the way. On any other day of the year when the weather is reasonable, that would have been a great walk. 

My favourite part of the day was seeing the kids too excited to be tired. They were well behaved because there was so much to see and they were in awe of everything around them, apart from when we ran out of food and had to restock. Max touched a snake and Madi touched and hugged the gigantic crocodile statue until I told her that it moves if she misbehaves. It was a great tactic, because it worked.

zoo visit

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Good Luck!