As mothers, I think we’ve all felt that little bit of “mum-guilt” when it comes to taking time for ourselves. I myself felt it for years before I realised that yes, I was a mother however how am I meant to perform at top speed if there’s no fuel in the tank? There’s no trick answer, I just plain old couldn’t.

I used to think that if I took out and had time to myself that the world would stop. The kids wouldn’t get fed, they’d tear the house apart and life just wouldn’t function if you quickly ducked to the bathroom for a wee or even to jump in the shower and wash your own bloody hair. In the past I’ve taken it on as a challenge to see how many days I can go without washing my hair because I simply didn’t have the time needed to wash, dry and then style but I was feeling shitty because I like to take care of myself when I can yet I was walking around looking like a bit of a scrag. These are the realities of a parent.


There’s one thing that I now love doing for myself on a weekly basis when the kids are in bed, and that’s pamper myself. Rub a bit of somethin’ somethin’ on my skin, lay back with a hair treatment while reading a good book that will teach me something. I don’t have the money to go out and pay someone else to do these things, so I make sure that I’m always stocked up with an at-home treatment that I whack on in no time and then lay back while it does it’s thing. However now that Madi is nearly 5, she's technically an adult and what mummy does, Madi does.


Most recently I tried the new La Bang range which I had always been curious to try, but like most of us, never get around to it when we intend to. Now I’ve tried many brands of hair treatments and body oils, but I shit you not, I was literally blown away. I am one of those lucky ones who uses an oil hair treatment and comes out with oilier hair than I first had, but not with La Bang. After letting it rest and showering, I was walking around like I’d just walked out of a hair commercial and making that sound similar to an orgasm because my hair looked and felt so bloody good. Oh and guess what, the world was still turning when I was done. Crazy hey.

Us mothers have the right to feel good about ourselves and take care of ourselves too! Our kids need us to be in fine form, so if we perform fine and also feel damn fine as well, we can conquer the world. It’s even better when we find an affordable way to do so, which is why La Bang have given me a discount code for your all LOVELAUREN at the LaBang checkout for you to use when you finally make the time to pamper yourself!