When I was 36 weeks pregnant, I was single, a tad bit lonely and dad’s dog had just passed away, so we decided to go get a puppy so I had something to look after before my first born arrived. Now, I was warned by EVERYONE that it was a bad idea, because puppies and babies are so much work, however I didn’t listen, dad got a puppy and here I was taking care of it …and 3 weeks later, a baby girl too.

These days and 2 kids later, I have many friends who aren’t parents who compare looking after their puppies to me taking care of 2 kids, and generally I’ll pull them up on it because after having a puppy and a baby at the same time, I can say from experience that I’m not made for both. Give me a baby over a puppy ANYTIME.


To celebrate the release of Boss Baby on DVD, the kids and I had a Family Night In, and of course, just like my experience with a baby and a puppy, here was this baby dressed in a suit, suitcase in hand and tackling a puppy corporation in the war of babies versus puppies. This infant was literally in a battle because he thought that parents couldn’t love babies and puppies, and he was out to stop the puppies being released into the world. Actually laughed out loud, it was something I needed to see before I popped out Madi. HA!

I absolutely love when kids movies relay adult situations, because not only does it suit my sense of humour, it also suits the kids too (wait, that doesn’t say much about my levels of maturity, but then again, I still laugh at the word poop). Simple little things like needing a ‘secret baby formula’ which allows Boss Baby to act like an adult (remind you of anyone?), sibling rivalry and then an intolerance to lactose which sees Baby Boss begin to lose his powers… all these things that come from our adult life all compacted into 97 minutes and will have your nearly 5-year-old taking control of your household because the baby did it in the movie.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to read between the lines with these clever kids movies, with Boss Baby one of them. It makes watching movies that the kids choose much more enjoyable, and seeing the kids running around pretending to be business people is pretty bloody hilarious

If you’re going to sit down with your kids to watch anything this weekend, give Boss Baby a go. It’s now New to Buy or Rent on Blu-ray, DVD or Digital HD, so grab the popcorn and chill out. 

Happy Watching,