I’ve always compared my toddlers to talking puppies – they speak the truth, they do questionable things and they occasionally wet the bed. Now I got off pretty lightly with Madi, because I can only remember a handful of occasions where she wet the bed, however seeing as Max does about 15,000 wees a day, I know I’ll be in for a world of fun with him.

So let’s take into account that I feel like I have limited experience with bed wetting, but I seeing as I now have 2 kids, I should know what to do, right? Probably not. There are so many factors that come into bed wetting, it’s hard to know what can be done to help, apart from giving our little ones all the tools they need to conquer it! It’s not a bad thing, I mean it’s not ideal but as parents it’s our job to be patient and be with them every step of the way!

I remember those few times when Madi did wet the bed, and there really was no reason behind it simply other than she was just a little bit too late. She woke up, but she woke up after she had wet the bed. We never punished her, we did however ask her why didn’t make it to the toilet just so we knew if she understood what had just happened. She’s a smart kid, she took to the toilet like a pig to mud , however as a parent I had no idea if it’s because she was drinking too much water before bed or what the reason was behind it. There are no real answers to parenting, let alone bed wetting – there’s so much information out there, but how do we know what is suited to our situation? I had no idea, I just had to roll with it and soon enough, Madi grew out of it.

When it came to conquering bed wetting, we gave Madi the tools she needed. Like I said, she’s a smart kid, so when we taught her something once, she would remember it and end up teaching us a lesson if we got it wrong. I know right, getting a lecture because we didn’t turn the light on in the toilet so she could pee before bed from a 2 ½ year old is entertaining and belittling at the same time. We got schooled.

What tools did we give her, do you ask? The same tools we gave Madi, we’ll give Max.

-       Peeing before bed.

  • Big girl/boy Dry Nites Pyjama Pants for bed time. We call them “big boy pants” because Max is in them at the moment and loves putting them on himself. By the way, they can handle A LOT of wee.
  • Those mats you use when you get a new puppy and they wee everywhere (put on under their blanket to soak up any extra wee, which Dry Nites have covered as well because they have created Bed Mats!)
  • Let them know that it’s OK to wet the bed! Yes they’ll generally cry after it happens, but if you help them realise when they need to go, they’ll begin to realise that you won’t be angry, you’re there to help.
  • We still let Madi have a water bottle beside her bed, but she knew only to take little sips instead of sculling the bottle.

Just like anything that a child cannot control as they grow, letting them feel comfortable and know that mummy and daddy are there to help, not to get angry when something like bed-wetting happens is the best thing you can do to help build their confidence. Give them a big cuddle, educate them and be patient with them, they’re doing the best they can!

That being said, I am going to go stock up on extra bed sheets for when Max really gets into “big boy mode”. The kid is about to turn 2, this is when the fun REALLY begins! 

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