Like most kids growing up, I tried and played many sports, one of them being tennis. I loved it and ended up playing all through primary and high school, captaining the tennis team at one stage and I even remember winning the girls singles final in year 10! To be honest, I think it’s one of my only sporting highlights I’ve had in my life, so it makes sense that it has stuck in my mind to this day. 

Getting the kids started in ANZ Tennis Hot Shots was so exciting, because I knew they’d love it, plus it was like reliving my childhood all over again. I know how much it taught me as I was growing up, so I was curious to see how they took to it. Seeing as I was a kid quite a long time ago now, I don’t remember when I actually started to really get good at stuff and thrive in sports, so watching them get out onto the court was memorable to say the least.

Madi has always been quite a switched-on kid, with the intention to really focus on things, but at the same time is that kid you’d think had just downed a whole bottle of red cordial. She walked onto the court with a massive smile on her face, instantly made friends (because that’s just what she does) and enjoyed every single second of her lesson. For a then 5 year old to run around for 45 minutes straight was an epic feat in itself, as most of my grown adult clients are begging for a session to finish by that time. She was buggered, but she had a whole lot of fun. The coach was awesome and his patience was admirable. 

Max on the other hand was by far the smallest thing I’ve ever seen on a court and seeing as he’s quite the reserved type of child, I held his hand, carried him through some of the activities and got him into the swing of things for about 15 minutes. The smaller courts, nets and racquets, along with the bouncier balls, made it easier and more enjoyable for him.Seeing him run around on court, giving it a go was by far the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

When kids are having fun, they tend to learn so much more and ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is just that. You say the words “agility” and “speed” and they’ll drift off into their own world, but if you incorporate learning these skills into a fun game, they’re already on their way to developing some epic skills that will help them in all aspects of their life as they grow older. I myself am as uncoordinated as they come, and that trait has been passed down to Madi, who has improved immensely since beginning her lessons. Now she can go an entire 45 minutes without falling over.

It’s been 3 months since the kids began playing tennis, and it’s honestly the highlight of my week. How these kids manage to muster up more energy after a day at school to jump on the court and absolutely smash out a lesson is so awesome to watch! They’ve developed some epic skills such as catching, dodging, using their racquets, serving and most of all, making friends. Madi is always so excited to see her coach, show him how she can now get the ball over the net, which she couldn’t do when she started. 

I’m sometimes still in disbelief that my kids are now old enough to start getting into sport, because I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. But watching them do their thing on the tennis court, a sport I grew up playing and loving, is the best feeling in the world. 


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