Hi, i'm lauren and this is my story

I'm 29 (edging 30) years old and a solo mother to the most amazing children named Madi and Max.  I first started blogging when I became pregnant with Max and never realised how connected I would become to women all over the world and being able to share our experiences as mothers and parents.  Not long after Max was born, I went through a separation and being able to write and share the good and hard times has been incredibly helpful through the entire experience. I was suffering from Post-Natal Depression, a separation and needing to start a new life with my two children from scratch.  Once we had settled in, I decided to make my passion for health and fitness my career. I have since become a personal trainer, a balanced lifestyle coach, public speaker and help women through some of the toughest times of the lives every single day.

I haven't always been a picture of health.

At age 17, I was diagnosed with severe depression & anxiety after being in a very toxic and violent relationship in high school. For the next 4 years, I was in and out of hospital due to multiple suicide attempts and an unhealthy habit with both prescription antidepressants and alcohol. For most of this time I was unable to work & would confidently walk around saying I wouldn’t be alive past my 21st birthday. There was no such thing as goals and dreams, only that craving for the next overdose so I could go to sleep. This continued for the next 4 years and in that time I also began to suffer from a severe eating disorder that no one knew about.

At the age of 22 and in the midst of the toughest time of my life, I fell pregnant with my first child, Madi. It was a miracle because I had done so much damage to my body that we didn't think it was possible. I had only been with her father for just over a month and although not the most ideal situation, I didn't even think about anything else but keeping my baby, and it was the BEST decision that I made, because it saved my life. Becoming a mother changed my life in incredible ways. It gave me a reason to live, a reason to work hard, a reason to be excited every single day and a reason to smile. When we thought that life couldn't get any better, I fell pregnant a few years later and then had Max. To be blessed with such vibrant, hilarious, smart-assed and intelligent children gave me the determination to work hard every single day. 

These days...

I share all the good, the challenging, the emotional, the frustrating and hilarious times that we have. I have used my story of the years to help others gain strength through their struggles through this blog, my role as a Personal Trainer and by speaking at numerous events to raise awareness for mental health.
I have been lucky enough to meet and work with John Cena, Kerwin Rae, Alexa Towersey, Chezzi and Grant Denyer and am also a registered speaker with One School Queensland and LIVIN, talking to teenagers about suicide awareness, self love, mindfulness and combatting bullying.

Hakuna Matata